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MediaBox HD Download – In contrast to some decades back, when it was the dark days of technology, modern tech equipment has enabled us to watch movies and our favorite visual media in countless ways. From TV sets with CD DVD or Blu-ray playable devices, 3D and VR developments to online video streaming the tech world has evolved rapidly. The expansion of movies and TV shows achieved their apex status through integration with the internet. The Internet is, therefore, the key player in determining the future of the movie industry.

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This is evident if we look closely at how movie fans are addicted to watching movies online rather than in cinema. It may be because of the convenience, freedom and the possibility of viewing the way they want. It is not only the hardware that backs up all these viewing experience but also the enhanced software applications which show off brilliant interfaces through which fans interact.

MediaBox HD Download APK


MediaBox HD Download iOS


Mediabox HD iOS Install via Sideloadly

  • Download Sideloadly for your windows / Mac PC from here.
  • Download Mediabox HD ipa file from here.
  • Connect your iPhone device to the PC via usb cable.
  • Run sideloadly > add mediabox HD ipa file to it
  • Mediabox will automatically install on iPhone via Sideloadly.

The movie apps designed to run on mobile platforms are one of the most interesting platforms in this regard. The field of movie app development is, in fact, a profitable industry. Its success stems from how people have become beneficiaries of the service. The quantity of movie app users is rising rapidly and they have made it a part of their lifestyle to watch movies in this way more than ever.

MediaBox HD Alternatives Download

You can watch or download the latest movies & TV shows free from the ZiniTevi app and Moviebox Pro app. Moviebox pro has an app activation process however it’s free. If you are not interest for it, you can use ZiniTevi app. It has the same features like MediaBox HD.

There are both free movie apps as well as paid ones. Some users do not trust free apps because they believe that such programs are infected with malicious content. Although there may be some truth to such beliefs, as there are many instances where third party movie apps have been reported to contain harmful content, it is not rational to reject the free services of such apps.

This is because not all free movie apps are bad and the ones that subscribe to the label ‘bad’ can easily be identified and quarantined with modern security software. Any basic virus protection with regular updates can detect unhealthy content in apps. These malicious content can be mild or moderate but combating such evil is not a huge deal unlike some years back with very few defense options.

Most of the time free movie apps come with a lot of ads and that is how the developers keep things cost-free. The ads running on these movie apps help in generating revenue through user clicks and conversions. You sacrifice some time skipping and clicking on these ads and that is the pain you have to go through if you are using the app for free.

MediaBox HD VIP Features

Some free movie apps offer you to upgrade to the pro version and they promise you exclusive features and more facilities. Paid movie apps may come without advertisements, fast servers to stream and download content, availability of HD content before free users, multiple device support, and also a priority for all your requests. Most free movie apps consist of slow servers which can be painful to use and one of the major differences between the paid version and free version is the performance.

The server performance for streaming and downloading content can be painfully slow for free users. This situation can be eliminated if you go pro and app developers may tempt you to try it. There are other movie apps that are too commercial in their approach; they will not even let you try the content without paying upfront. These paid apps come with subscription packages that are priced at different levels. Once you purchase the subscription you unlock all the movie content. However, you should go for movie apps that let you try the services before you buy anything.


It may not be easy to find a free movie app but once you find a proper one you inevitably get addicted to it. Mediabox HD is one such addictive movie app that delivers loads of services completely free. It offers you a huge collection of both movies and tv shows in HD quality. Mediabox HD contains categories of genres such as Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, Comedy, and Thriller matching the tastes of many. Unlike other free apps with slow servers,

Mediabox HD provides you fast servers to stream or download movies and TV shows. The app supports more than 25 languages along with subtitles from popular sources such as open subtitles, subscene, and popcorn time. The platform integrates top-rated players like VLC, MX, and EXO player for delivering video. Mediabox HD bears a brilliant interface that provides smooth navigation experience. Further, if you want extra features such as ad-free moving, faster and dedicated servers, priority support, and multiple device compatibility you can spend a few bucks to become a VIP. We promise you would never be disappointed in using Mediabox HD and you would never regret reading about it. For more information, you can read a comprehensive review of the Mediabox HD app from the below links.

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